Triangle House Giving

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If you would like to donate to Triangle House, visit Triangle House Giving at Dartmouth College.


The aim of the Triangle House program is to enhance the intellectual and cultural environment of the Dartmouth College campus with particular regard to those issues which pertain to the historical and contemporary experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and allied people by accomplishing the following learning objectives:

  1. Community – Foster a strong sense of community and well-being among LGBTQIA students, based on mutual accountability and respect.
  2. Knowledge – Develop knowledge of LGBTQIA histories, identities, culture, and politics.
  3. Action – Increase exposure to and experiential practice of contemporary models of social justice organizing, service, and action.

Triangle House is open to undergraduate students of all class years. Available housing options include four one-room doubles and seventeen singles. Rooms may be assigned without regard to gender.

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