What’s Next After Marriage Equality? (hosted by DGALA & DAASV)

Commonwealth Club
What’s next after marriage equality is won? (hosted by DAASV and DGALA)
The Commonwealth Club, SF
Wednesday 6/26/13
4:45pm – 7pm
Open to all Ivy schools. $10 for dues-paying Member, $20 for Non-Dues Paying Guest (including partners and guests). Pricing based upon membership of DAASV and/or DGALA. Proceeds SF Pride.
It appears that the United States is moving toward legalizing marriage equality. So much time and energy has gone into the decade-plus-long fight that to see those dreams concretely and suddenly realized could prove a bit jarring. The marriage equality fight has been such a unifying one that it will be strange to lose it as a cause around which to rally. If the U.S. Supreme Court decisions go the way of marriage equality, the LGBT community and its allies should start thinking about what else can be done, what the next common cause can be. Featuring prominent speakers from local and national politics and organizations.
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