DGALA Hosts Event to Raise Funds for LGBT Scholarships

On Friday, April 27th, Matt Yee ’82 performed his Outrageous Adult Sing Along Show to a sold-out audience at the Laurie Beechman Theater in New York.  DGALA hosted the show as the first ever benefit event to support the Dartmouth College Fund (DCF) DGALA Scholars Program.  The event raised over $2,000  to support DGALA Scholars: LGBTQA students who are receiving need-based financial aid at the College. Check out some video and photos from the event on the DGALA Facebook page.

For those not familiar with the DGALA Scholars program, for every $30,000 that DGALA members contribute to the Dartmouth College Fund, a DGALA Scholar is named. DGALA members are still able to direct there DCF gifts to the area of their choosing, such as the arts or athletics, and DGALA Scholars are named based on the overall participation and contribution levels that DGALA members provide to the College. DGALA President Caroline Kerr ’05 explained, “I think of DCF contributions from DGALA members as going twice as far: supporting DGALA Scholars and other areas of interest.”

Event organizer and DGALA Vice-President Susi Kandel ’00, shared, “DGALA was really excited by the idea of raising money for the DGALA Scholars Program of the Dartmouth College Fund while also supporting one of our own members in his creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.  We had never done a fundraising event for the DCF and thought it would be a great way to raise awareness for the DGALA Scholars Program and help LGBTQA students.”

Matt Yee ’82 was equally happy with the event, saying, “Thanks to DGALA for this unique opportunity.  It was a very special show, and I’m thankful DGALA’s sold out house shared it with me.  I’m so glad we were able to raise funds to benefit LGBT students.  This is something I never dreamed of when I went to Dartmouth (back when lava was still flowing down Main Street).   I can’t think of a better way of giving back and paying it forward.  Mahalo and Aloha, DGALA!”

How does this effect you as a DGALA member, and/or how can you help contribute to the DGALA Scholars program? All you need to do is mark your DGALA affiliation on your alumni records with the College. This is how DCF contributions are credited toward the total contributions from DGALA. You can give to the DCF online at www.dartmouthcollegefund.org.

You can learn more about Matt including his upcoming performances in Singapore, Copenhagen, Rome and back in NYC at www.mattyee.com.

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